The founder of Doing What We Can is Alyson R. Martin, a licensed attorney who has practiced law in Boise for the last 30 years. She also has been a teacher for many years, including as an adjunct professor at Boise State University. Ms. Martin first became focused on environmentalism during the 1970s while a college student and was present at the first Earth Day. Unfortunately, she has been a witness to the continual deterioration of the environment since then. She was present when former Vice President Al Gore came to Boise to give his presentation on “An Inconvenient Truth,” and was encouraged by the interest of so many Idahoans who packed the stadium at BSU. Nevertheless, the destruction caused by climate change has continued to progress. Recently, feeling the growing urgency of the climate crisis, she attended a leadership training conducted by Al Gore’s “Climate Reality Project” in Johannesburg, South Africa, held in March of 2014. Inspired by that training, she recently left her job practicing law to devote full time to Doing What We Can. She believes that the people must step up to solve the climate crisis, where corporations and governments have failed us. She believes we must do what we can to effect the necessary changes before it’s too late.