The goal of Doing What We can is to learn the facts about the climate crisis, then take action, both individually and collectively, to solve it. We must do this to guaranty a future on the Earth for humans and the plants and animals that accompany us on a living planet. We can do this by making personal lifestyle choices, applying our buying-power to support responsible companies, and voting for leaders committed to this goal. Our joined voices will give us power.


We will define and understand the impending climate crisis by educating ourselves through the most reliable and recent resources available. Understanding a problem and its ramifications is the first step to a solution. We will meet, study, report, share ideas and information, and develop plans of action. We welcome support and input from the scientific community and others with useful ideas for moving us forward toward our goal.


We will apply our knowledge to develop plans of action to solve the climate crisis. Such plans will include what each individual can do, and also what we can through the strength of an organization. Action plans will be tailored to reduce both our carbon footprint and footprint on the Earth in general to achieve sustainability. Solving the climate crisis requires change by individuals, communities, corporations, and governments. It requires corporate and government leaders that accept the reality of climate change and the need for immediate action. We can have an effect in fighting climate change through our individual actions and our joined voices. Our tools for change include making individual determinations as to how we live, what we eat, what and from whom we buy, and for whom we vote. We need to take charge of that power and exercise it for change.