The effects of climate change have worsened. Sea levels are rising faster than anticipated, methane leaks and emissions are out of control (with little to no regulation of the emitters), the Earth is warming at a rate expected to exceed the 2 degrees Celsius that is the goal of COP21 to prevent catastrophe, and vicious storms, floods, and droughts are increasingly common. “Global Weirding” is a new term for the weirdness that is happening to the Earth due to climate change.

We need to take action, and fast. We at DWWC believe these are the most important steps individuals can take:

1) Cut down on (or cut out) animal products in our diets, particularly beef and dairy. Watch Cowspiracy and you’ll understand why.

2) Cut down on CO2 emissions caused by transportation. If possible, buy or lease an electric car. Or, drive a hybrid or other fuel efficient car, and drive less. Hats off to those who ride bikes, take the bus, and walk rather than drive. Low gas prices have caused Americans to drive more, which is a tragedy. No matter what gas costs, we must cut back.

3) Go solar for your home or business. It is imperative that all nations move as fast as possible to cut the use of fossil fuels, or we may not live to regret it.

4) Support the Clean Power Plan. It’s essential to meet the goals of COP21.

5) Work to elect government representatives who will fight climate change. We need governments to develop policies that will move us to sustainable energy immediately.

6) Spread the word. Doing What We Can offers presentations on climate change and related topics that are free to the public. Contact us at 208-484-3241.