Message from Founder:

Happy 2015 climate believers, friends, and other interested persons! This will be a big year for the climate movement.

The optimists among us believe that there is still time to solve the climate crisis and avert catastrophic changes to life on Earth and changes to human life that will be less than pleasant. But the consensus seems to hold that 2015 is a critical juncture—we either make the difficult changes necessary to fix the problem, or prepare to adapt to a world human life has not previously known. That result could affect not only our children, and all life on Earth, but also US.

There are several significant efforts to solve the problem that are pending. One is the set of proposed EPA rules designed to limit carbon pollution by American power plants. A second is the United Nations Climate Change Conference, COP21 or CMP11, scheduled for Paris in November and December of 2015. Many established environmental groups have been diligently working toward a solution, and many smaller groups like ours have sprung up to support the climate movement.  Many believe that it’s do or die this year—perhaps literally. Add my name to that view.

It is time to stop debating and start acting. needs to step it up. I am planning to schedule our first discussion/action group meeting to launch efforts towards a climate solution by our Idaho-based group. Watch for details on this website. And be ready to bring your ideas as to how we can make a difference. Members outside the Boise area, we would like your ideas, also. We’ll be hoping for your participation.

I’m hoping to meet you soon and discuss what we can do.

Alyson R. Martin, J.D.
Climate Reality Leader